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Our swimming school is happy to welcome you! Here you will find individual classes for yourself or for your child!

Adult Swimming

Learning to swim from scratch and also improving the technique is carried out through specialized exercises.

Kids Swimming

We teach children to swim from the age of 3. Classes are held in a playful way, the correct breathing in the water is put, the body is tempered, the muscular corset is strengthened and the posture is leveled!

SwimLife's Coaches

Swimming makes you better.

Aliaksandra Pazdzeyeua

Aliaksandra Pazdzeyeua


Master of sports of international class. Silver medalist of the World Championship, Bronze medalist of the Europe Championship. Finalist of the Paralympic games Rio 2016.

Сoaching experience: 4 Years.

Stanislau Pazdzeyeu

Stanislau Pazdzeyeu


Coach of the paralympic National team. Junior Europe Champion, Champion of the Republic of Belarus. Junior records holder.

Coach experience: 6 Years

Veronica Yasepovich

Veronica Yasepovich


Master of Sports of International class in synchronized swimming, Champion of the Republic of Belarus. Silver medalist of the Europe championship. Finalist of the Olympic Games.

Coach experience: 4 Years


The main thing is health

Long-term sports and competitive practice gives us the opportunity to build the optimal training for each athlete. One of our main tasks is to strengthen the health of your children during swimming training. Healthy children - happy parents!

Adult swimming

We help you get rid of the fear of water and learn to swim. We create training programs for sushi (OFP, gym) for free. Training in swimming techniques (crawl, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke) for adults. Preparation for swimming competitions.

Improving swimming skills

Modern swimming techniques are constantly being improved. Over the past 15 years, there has been such a race in swimming that, according to the world results of a decade ago, 14-year-olds are now swimming. The coaches of the SwimLife swimming school in Minsk are constantly improving the training program. Swimming training for adults and children is the setting of an effective technique.


Swimming like flying, but littlebit better

Personal training

USD  25$/ session
  • Individual lesson 1 on 1 with a coach.
  • A special program designed for you.
  • The lesson is 50-60 minutes. Depending on the load.
  • Help in the gym (optional).
  • Homework (optional).
  • Coach on the side/ in the water.
  • Underwater video shooting with the analysis of equipment.


Our swimming coaches are medalists of the World and European Championships, finalists of the 2016 Paralympic Games. Masters of sports of International class and Record holders of the Republic of Belarus. They have a huge knowledge base about swimming training programs obtained by communicating with Honored Coaches of the Republic of Belarus and foreign coaches from different countries.

Proven methodology

We work with each student in swimming individually, according to the methodology (training program) created by many years of work.


SwimLIfe swimming coaches will teach you how to swim beautifully and effectively in all Olympic swimming styles. Through special exercises, you will easily stay on the water.

Ease of communication

SwimLIfe Swimming School coaches will find a language with any of our students, whether they are a child or an adult. Regardless of whether there is a fear of water or not. We'll tell you all about swimming..

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